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Friday, August 2, 2013

New Laminator! Finished Student Clock!

I am the proud owner of a new laminator!  I decided to ask the forum on TpT (teachers know best!) for some suggestions before I went out to buy one.  There were so many helpful replies!  I decided to buy the GBC laminator from Staples because it was on sale from 49.99 to 29.99.  I am very pleased with my choice!

Back to the creation of my clock.

 These are two of the cartridges that I received for my birthday.  The clock is on the one called "My Community".

 The Cricut I have is called "Expression 2". (Thanks Nan!!!)

 It is an excellent machine.  I am always shocked with how fast it cuts.

 Woohoo! Starting to look like a clock.

 This is the picture I took before I put my test sheet through my old laminator! :(

Yay! Here is my new laminator. Thanks again to all that responded on TpT. Specifically Miss D's Class (who is also from Ontario). She suggested the GBC! :) Please check out her store. Miss D's Class

I was so nervous to put the clock through but it worked really well! I highly recommend this laminator. It is a little slow to warm up but it does the trick.

I poked some holes through the hands and in the middle of the clock and used a fastener to secure it all together.

Here it is! The finished product. I am extremely happy with it! Much better than those foam clocks for students you can find at the dollar store and I can make it in any colour.

Off to bed,



  1. Wow, I love your clock! I don't have a cricut. Maybe adding to my Christmas wishlist! That was a great deal Miss D told you about! I actually have the GBC pouches, which I found through Am*zon on the cheap!:)

    1. Thank you! :) I received my Cricut as a gift and I had no clue what it was. Now, I absolutely love it! Great for teachers and of course crafters. I will definitely check out Amazon when I run out of pouches. Thanks for the tip :)