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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Books for 12-18 Month Olds

My son, Clark, is currently 16 months old and has started enjoying books that have more words and follow more of a storyline. Yay! This makes reading the same book 100 times a day much more interesting for me. We try to exchange books at our local library once every two weeks (and sometimes sooner). Below is a list of board books that he has been loving recently. 

Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony

Toddler's review: Clark loves that there is a page where the panda appears to be upside down. It threw him for a loop the first time we read it. 
Mom's review: I love that this book incorporates colour recognition as well as how important it is to use our manners. Lovely illustrations! I will definitely be checking out the other books in this series. 

Dinosaur VS. Bedtime by Bob Shea

Toddler's review: Clark thinks it is hilarious when anyone reads him this book because there are a lot of dinosaur sounds to be made. 
Mom's review: I love that this book is simple and fun to read. In the end, bedtime wins... which is always a plus! Good sleep habits can never be modelled enough.

Busy Garage by Rebecca Finn

Toddler's review: Clark loves that this book has tabs to push and pull. He has learned a lot of vocabulary from this book.
Mom's review: I love the illustrations in this book. Every time I read this book, I notice something new to point out and talk about. There are MANY books in this series and I would love to purchase more. This is a great book to keep in the car or your diaper bag. 

Goodnight, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann

Toddler's review: Clark loves the animals in this book and enjoys finding the balloon on each page (nice touch!). 
Mom's review: This book is a classic for a reason. It is easy to read but also visually appealing. 

Yellow Copter by Kersten Hamilton

Toddler's review: Clark loves the sounds the helicopter makes. I have heard from mom friends with little ones around Clark's age that they are also huge fans of this book. There is something about it that kids love!
Mom's review: I will be honest, at first, I didn't care much for this book but, I have definitely grown to like it. The story is action packed and I love that one of the main characters is a teacher. :) 

Thank you for reading! Comment below if you have a book suggestion - we would really appreciate it.
-Ms. Makinson

DISCLAIMER: This post contains Amazon Affiliate links which means I receive a small percentage of any purchases made. As a rule, I only feature products that I have used and love!

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