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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Balloon Kicking

👣Kicking Balloons🎈
SERIES: ideas and activities for babies 👶 
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• IDEA! 💡 Tie a crinkly helium balloon 🎈 loosely to your baby’s foot and watch them kick away! 👣
• age: until baby is rolling 
••• Clark was 2 months old in this picture and we received those balloons 🎈 when we first brought him home therefore they were becoming quite deflated! 👍🏻The older the helium balloon, the more crinkly they will be and the slower they will move when your baby kicks! 👣 You could even ask them to not fill up the balloon entirely if you want to play sooner. 
• TIP! ✔️ Make sure to tie the balloon so it close enough that your baby can see the movement. At two months old, a baby can see approximately 18 inches from their face. 👶🏻

He was so alert while playing and I was able to snap some great pictures!

Thank you for reading! Check back soon for more ideas and activities.
-Ms. Makinson

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