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Thursday, April 12, 2018

High Contrast Books for Newborns+

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• IDEA! 💡 Place a board book near your baby during tummy time or playmat time. 

• AGE: newborn+

••• I love these high contrast 📚 board books by Roger Priddy.  They have abstract pictures with 🌈 vibrant primary colours and are perfect for the littlest littles who are working on their tiny eye muscles. 👀 
LINK: Roger Priddy's Hello Baby Gift Set (any high contrast book will work!)

• TIP! ✔️ Make sure to place the book close enough to your baby’s face as they can only see 8-12 inches away.

3 weeks old - check out that hair!

1 week old - in his crib

3 months old - tummy time - working on those neck muscles

Thank you for reading! Check back soon for more ideas and activities.
-Ms. Makinson

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