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Friday, May 18, 2018

❄️Frozen Pom-Pom Colour Mixing

Yay!👏🏻 that the weather is finally nice enough ☀️ for some outdoor ice play! 
⏰PREP: I added some food colouring and a Pom-Pom to each section of the ice cube tray and mixed it with a toothpick. 
💡TIP💡 Only partially freeze the ice so you can get at the Pom-poms faster and so that there’s coloured water in the bottom of the tray. 
👍🏻 Clark LOVED this activity and enjoyed seeing what happened when we mixed the colours! 🌈 He scooped, poured, pinched, and squeezed the Pom-poms and even “counted” them at the end. 🔢 👏🏻 Math, science, fine motor, sensory etc etc etc covered! 
Looking back on the timestamp on the pictures, we played with this activity for almost 30 minutes. That is approximately 3 hours in toddler time. WIN! We will definitely be trying this activity again. 

He did a lot of poking as he discovered some were liquid and some were solid.

Scoop, scoop, scoop!

Mark making with the melting ice.

Some colour mixing.

Scoop, and pour!

He loved to squeeze the pom-poms.

Here he is picking up all the pom-poms and counting as he put them in his bucket.

Thank you for reading!
Ms. Makinson

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