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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cityblock by Christopher Franceschelli - Book Review

Cityblock by Christopher Franceschelli

This incredibly clever book features 24 aspects of life in the city. It is divided into three sections - transportation, sights to see/things to do, and (my husband's favourite section) things to eat. Those who live in a big city will be able to relate to the content and those who have never been to a big city will be captivated by the contrast to their own daily life. My son, Clark, is 20 months old and enjoys flipping through this book alone as well as hopping on the lap of anyone close by who will read it to him. 

One of Clark's favourite pages is the elevator (seen in the middle picture). He pretends to press the buttons and says "up, up, up...down, down, down". He was SO excited the next time he saw an elevator after reading this book. 

Each page features a die-cut and a few words. We have read this book HUNDREDS of times and we are still finding new things that we didn't notice before.  

Overall, this book is one of my all-time favourite board books. The pages are sturdy, the illustrations are beautiful, and the content is educational. This book is toddler and teacher-mom approved!

Other books in this series: Do you have a dinosaur lover in your house? How about a kiddo who is crazy about construction? Perhaps you are introducing your toddler to letters or numbers? I highly recommend ANY and ALL of the books in the "Block" series. I know, as a teacher, I am hoping that Christopher Franceschelli releases one about what you see and do at school.

As always, thank you for reading!
-Ms. Makinson

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