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Friday, June 22, 2018

💥Exploding Colours🌈

We’ve started on The Curious Tot's colours unit! 💕 My hubby was home this afternoon and joined in on the fun 👦🏻👩🏻 He even made some predictions 😝. I hadn’t tried this activity with a toddler before so I thought it was cute to see Clark equally excited for every colour that exploded (not just the first one).  

First, you put a drop of food colouring in each section of your muffin tin.

Cover with baking soda until you can't see any colour. 

Next, fill some cups with vinegar. You can use a squirt bottle too!

 Finally, add some vinegar into each section of your muffin tin to reveal the colours! We used our Learning Resources Twisty Dropper to squirt the vinegar into the muffin tin. 

😍 The mini muffin tin was perfect👏🏻. More spaces for more reactions!

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