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Sunday, June 10, 2018

🎈Texture Balloons🎈

This activity is from @thecurioustot ‘s super fun textures unit - check out Tracy’s page to learn more! 💕 We made 7 balloons (flour, beans, seeds, flour+water, hair gel, water, and air). 😁Clark loved squeezing and shaking the balloons and trying to guess what was inside - He helped me fill them so he had an idea of his options. 💡 We counted them, sorted by colour, talked about size (biggest, smallest), discussed which colour had the most and which colour had the fewest, talked about the textures he could feel through the balloons, sorted by solid, liquid, and gas... and even played catch with them! 😝 The possibilities were endless!! 👍👏🏻 You may be wondering if/how Clark understood these concepts... he most likely didn’t!! 😝 But, at this age it is all about exposure, not mastery. 💕

The following are Amazon Affiliate links which means I receive a small percentage of any purchases made. As a rule, I only feature products that I have used and love! I loved these balloons because they came in such a wide variety of colours in a resealable pouch. 

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