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Friday, June 15, 2018

🎨Texture Balls Painting🎨

Another super fun activity from @thecurioustot ‘s textures unit 👏🏻💕 Check our Tracy’s page if you want more details. 😁 At first Clark didn’t understand the process. “Open up, paint!” he said. But after I opened the container to show him what it looked like inside (and to put another paper in), he wanted “more, more, more” and got to work shaking the ball around 😁 These textured paintings turned out so well that Clark yelled “PRETTY!” every time I showed him the end result 👏🏻 I am going to fold two of them for Father’s Day cards - shhh don’t tell my Dad and Husband 😝 💡When you’re finished, put some water and soap in the container, add a sponge or dish brush and have your toddler clean the paint off of the balls. Double fun!! 💕

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