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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

FREE Printable πŸ”Ž Search and Find Colour Sort πŸ”

Clark has never seen Blues Clues (we don’t have the channel πŸ™ˆ) BUT we recently borrowed some of the books from our library and he’s been playing with his magnifying glass saying “looking for clues!”. πŸ” I made these paw prints and taped them around the house for him to find and bring back to the kitchen to sort by colour! πŸ”Ž I loved watching him run around the house and seeing how excited he got when he spotted a paw print! 🐾 

The colour mats are foam sheets that I bought from Michaels. 
His magnifying glass is from Dollarama. 

Clark is 22 months old here. 

*Print on card stock and laminate for durability!
If you'd like to do the exact activity from this post - print only the page with green, blue, yellow, and red (page 2). You can print it twice if you want to hide more paw prints!
Print the page with all of the colours if you are practicing colour recognition or if you want to skip the colour sorting portion (simply finding and collecting the cards is lots of fun!). 
You can write on the blank cards (letters, numbers, sight words, etc) for an extension activity. 


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