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Friday, June 19, 2015

Five Freebies for Friday - Canada Day

This first freebie was created by Mrs. W (Mrs. Watts' Little Lights) who just happens to be MY sister! :) This packet has eight fantastic print and go pages to help you and your students (or your own kids) celebrate Canada Day! 

Looking for something for older kids? Check out this freebie from Diana Bailey.  Included are 8 discussion or writing prompts about national identity. One of my favourite topics that Diana included is about whether or not it is important to know about your country's history, geography, and culture. I think having a class discussion or debate would be a great end of the year activity! 

If you are looking for something that is more in depth, check out Diana's larger unit on Canadian Identity. It includes 14 informational texts with activities and is perfect for grades 5-7. Diana also has many other units with Canadian content in her store. I purchased her unit for Remembrance Day about John McCrae last fall and I used every single page!

This freebie made by Elyse from Proud to be Primary is jammed packed with awesome activities! These printables are perfect for primary grades. One of my favourite pages is the Canadians... "Can, Have, Are" graphic organizer. It would be neat to see what each student comes up with as they reflect on what it means to be Canadian! :)

 The freebie above is a sample of a larger unit that explores Canadian symbols. It includes 160 pages worth of activities that look at 12 Canadian symbols (the Canadian flag, hockey, etc.) I have put this unit on my wish list!! 

This reading comprehension freebie from Ashley Lafleur is written from an American's perspective and is perfect for students who are learning about Canada. Don't forget to leave her some love!

Finally, I thought I would include a freebie with printables that you can use if you are hosting a get-together! :) This set is from A Little Pixel

Happy Canada Day!! 

Thank you for reading! I hope you have found something that you can use. Don't forget to leave a comment to let these creators know that you appreciate that they have shared their hard work with you!

-Ms. Makinson

Friday, June 12, 2015

Five Freebies for Friday - Verbs

Check out this amazing freebie made by Amy Lemons! There are some great ideas and activities in this packet. You are sure to find something that you can use with your students.

This is an interactive notebook activity created by Lovin Lit. Check out her blog post where she describes this freebie a bit more and explains what she means by "vivid verbs".

Here is a fun freebie made by Rebecca Bishop. This is a task card set that includes QR codes! What kiddo doesn't love working with QR codes? :)

I LOVE this game made by Lindy du Plessis. Have you ever tried "I Have... Who Has?" games with your students? They are a great way to review or to assess at the beginning of a unit. 

Rachel Lamb created this super cute packet! My favourite page has pictures of animals on it and students write a verb beside the animal to describe an action that animal could be doing.

Thank you for reading! Please consider leaving feedback on these amazing freebies to show your appreciation to these hard-working teachers.

-Ms. Makinson

Friday, June 5, 2015

Five Freebies for Friday - Father's Day

What would Father's Day be without a tie craft? Take a look at this freebie from Kiki and Company. There are three colours to choose from! 

Here is an adorable craft made by I Love 1st Grade. Love it!

This quick and easy printable craft was posted by Jillian Leslie on This one caught my eye as something that could be started and finished on the same day. 

FirstGradeBlueSKies on TpT created this amazing packet of printables that includes graphic organizers and writing prompts. She also included "grandpa"! Super cute. Check out Jennifer's blog!

This is my favourite find of the week! Whimsy Workshop Teaching also made a Mother's Day Directed Drawing freebie and I was so glad when I saw she decided to make one for Father's Day! Susanna teaches grade 1/2 and the pictures included in the preview are done by her students. What a neat idea! 

Thank you for reading! :) Have a wonderful weekend.
-Ms. Makinson