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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pick 3 Pinterest Picks - February

I am very excited to be joining PAWSitively Teaching and the Inspired Owl again this month. Here are three of my favourite pins for February.

This sensory bin caught my eye because it is placed on top of a light table. What a great idea! I also love the funnels. The colours are perfect for February and Valentine's Day.
Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to all things sensory!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, here is a pin of a fantastic alternative to candy gifts. This is homemade play dough that has glitter added to it! A wonderful fine motor activity that students can play with at home. The gift tags are a free printable that can be found by following the Pinterest link. 
I am a huge fan of non-candy valentines.

What do you do for Valentine's Day with your class? 
One thing I learned was to ask parents of kinders to address valentines to "my friend" instead of actual names. Last year, I spent my lunch break with my teaching partner, the principal, and our educational assistant sorting over 1000 valentines into pouches because at this age, most of the students were unable to recognize and identify their classmates' names.  

Here is a wonderful idea for a dramatic play centre for February. I would encourage the students to make a price list, take orders, count money, make signs for different flowers etc. I have even been to a classroom where the flower shop had real dirt and pots for the fake flowers to be planted in. The floor was covered with a plastic tarp to make cleanup easier! So much fun!!

Thank you so much for reading! :)

-Ms. Makinson


  1. I completely agree about addressing valentines. When I taught pre-school it was difficult enough for the students to sign their own name to every valentine. I instructed parents to leave the envelope blank. We lined up the bags and the students just went down the line dropping them in.

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  2. Love the light table idea. Sure wish I had one. Thanks for sharing. Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

  3. The light table idea is amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!!