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Friday, May 29, 2015

Five Freebies for Friday - Fluency

A wonderful sample packet of a larger unit made by Melissa Mazur. This packet assesses fluency and also includes comprehension questions. If you like the sample, you are sure to love the full version.

I love this simple freebie from MsJordanReads. This can be used as a reminder for you, students, or you can send it home to parents!

I absolutely LOVE these self-assessment cards made by Amanda Richardson. There is also a version with smiley faces that works really well. I used these last week! :)

Lindsay from Primary Polka Dots has some fantastic units for practicing fluency. My favourite part about this freebie is how she showed the "chunks" of words by using colour-coding. This will make it easier for students to visualize their phrasing.

Here are some super cute fluency posters made by Jane Loretz

Thank you for reading! I hope you found a freebie you can use with your students.
-Ms. Makinson

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