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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Pick 3 Pins

I am linking up with Pawsitively Teaching, Just Reed, and Inspired Owl's Corner to share my top 3 favourite pins for the month of February!

Aren't these Love Monsters adorable? What a fun Valentine's Day craft!

This is a great idea for a class party. Cutting the cheese into little hearts makes it that much more appealing! :)

I love the idea of non-candy valentines and I think this would be a great option to give to students! It looks like this particular pack has 8 crayons in it and is from Target (hopefully from the Dollar Spot!).

Thank you for reading! Make sure to check out all of the other fantastic pins by clicking on a picture below.

-Ms. Makinson


  1. Love those monsters and the healthy heard shaped snack ideas! Thank you for sharing and linking up with us! :)

  2. I love the cheese hearts. So cute and they look pretty easy to make too.
    Second In Line

  3. I love a non-candy option for Valentine gifts... the crayons are adorable!
    Owls and Lessons, Etc.

  4. I love the crayon Valentines. By this time of year, who doesn't need a brand new box of crayons.

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  6. Love the Sundae Sprinkles crayons! We always do ice cream sundaes for our Valentine's party so these would be perfect!

  7. I love the heart shaped cheese idea...wonder if I could find a little cookie cutter for that??? Thanks for sharing such great ideas and linking up with us!